Multi Door Access Controller

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  • Multi Door access control system designed to provide a cost effective solution for entry level applications plus the ability to seamlessly expand and adapt to future growth needs.
  • Microsoft Data Engine (MSDE)
  • 2 Access Points, expandable to 128
  • 2,000 users, expandable to 10,000
  • 10,000 events, expandable to 100,000
  • 8 supervised input points
  • 4 relays, SPDT 12A @ 28VDC
  • 32-bit processor
  • Optional TCP/IP interface
  • NStar access control software

Single Door Access Controller

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  • Proximity Card & Bio metric Based Single door Controller with Reader.
  • User Capacity 10,000 Card Holder & 50,000 Transaction Log.
  • Embedded card reader & Supports External 26 bit wiegendexit reader.
  • 50 time Zones 5 Groups 10 combunations.

Electro Magnetic Lock

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  • The electro magnetic lock consists of an Electro Magnet and a steel.
  • Plate which are mounted onto the door frame and to the top of the door respectively.
  • Available 150 Lbs to 3000 Lbs,U Bracket And L Bracket Aslo available.

HDD Card Reader

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  • Experience in developing reader technologies puts HID Global in a unique position to play a critical role in the evolution and adoption of smart card technology.
  • With the industry’s most extensive line of powerful, versatile readers
  • HID Global’s reader solutions enable a broad scope of applications powered by secure contactless technology.